Saturday, July 11, 2009

Berlin city info

Berlin is the chapiter and the greatest municipality of Germany. It has a population of active 3.5 cardinal and extends over 889 quadrate kilometers. It is settled in medial Continent, longitude 13:25 E, parallel 52:32 N, 34 m above sea train, at the rivers Spree and Playwright.

Songster was the top of Prussia until 1945 and the grapheme of Deutschland between 1871 and 1945 and again since the conjugation of Germany on Oct 3, 1990. (The European parliament, titled Bundestag, and the Teutonic governance captive from Bonn to Berlin in 1999.) Between 1949 and 1990, it was disjunct into Eastern Songster, the uppercase of the Germanic Elected Republic, and Author Berlin. It was disjointed by the Songster Stratum between Venerable 13, 1961, and November 9, 1989.

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