Friday, September 23, 2011

Hot Priyanka

Both the actors (Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja) mortal always denied that they are together. They say that they are rightful unspoiled friends. Good on the eve of Harman's date (12 November), his serious person threw a perturbation receiver for him on her Versova address.

After actuation for Victory, Harman got cal from Priyanka. She asked him to yield up her from her concern and told him that they mightiness go to both nightclub to keep his date. According to her tell, Harman reached Priyanka's refuge and get enjoyably dumbfounded.

Priyanka had called his relatives from Canada and Chandigarh for the organisation. On the receiver Harman met his sis Rowena, cousins Sheetal and Bunty and also Priyanka's phratry and her archetypal cousins. Priyanka had also welcome Amrita Rao, who is Harman's immediate christian. Amrita, Harman became approximate friends while employed unitedly in Ending. The receiver continuing strongbox 4 am.

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