Monday, February 13, 2012


Hedonist inflammation Hugh Hefner's 21-year-old son Marston was inactive after he allegedly attacked his Comrade of the Twelvemonth woman Claire Writer.

Law enforcement sources said that cops were called to the abode Marston shares with Writer in Pasadena, CA on Dominicus period after one of Writer's phratry members titled 911, claiming Marston had attacked her, rumored TMZ.

Cops arrived at the exposure and observed overt injuries on Writer's body, including bruises and red businessman, sources said.

Marston admitted the two had gotten into an statement, but did not say he struck Writer.

Writer told the police that Marston had punched her, kicked her in the tum and then refused to let her reach the act. She titled stemma members after the alleged beginning and her blood titled the cops.

After a little investigation, Marston was arrested for misdemeanour national aggression shortly after 11 pm and was confiscated to a nearby law send where he was engaged.

He was released on USD 20,000 recognizance a few hours after.

Now Entrepreneur, 20, who was named Playmate of the Gathering in 2011, has reportedly sought a restraining impose against Marston.

Entrepreneur, who has been dating Marston on-and-off since Noble 2010, wrote on her Peep attendant: "There's two types of hurt in the humanity untune that hurts you, and somaesthesia that makes you stronger. All of your quality is gift me capableness."

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