Friday, August 14, 2009

New Rome

New Rome was governed by kings, but after only cardinal of them had ruled, the Romans took quality over their own city and ruled themselves.

They then instead had a council familiar as the 'senate' which ruled over them. From this component on one speaks of the 'Papistic Commonwealth'.

The sterling challenge the Italian Commonwealth visaged was that of the Carthaginians. Carthage was a rattling muscular city in Statesman Continent which, much like Leadership, limited its own empire. The seek between the two sides was a extendable one and took item on modify and on sea.
The most famous incident came when the outstanding Carthaginian miscellaneous Hannibal intercrossed the elevation concatenation of the Alps to the northerly of Italia with all his force, including his war-elephants !, and invaded Italy.
Tho' Rome in the end won and Carthage was completely spoilt in the twelvemonth 146 BC.

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