Thursday, August 20, 2009


Rameswaram illustrious as the Varanasi of the southeastern, Rameswaram is a major pilgrimage place for both Shaivites and Vaishnavaites as it was here that Avatar ( an avatar of Vishnu in the Soldier epic the Ramayana ) offered thanks to Shiva. At the municipality's core is the Ramanathaswamy Temple, one of the most useful temples in southern India.

Rameswaram is on an island in the Disconnect of Mannar, linked to the mainland at Mandapam by confine and by one of India's field wonders, the Indira Gandhi Connect. The connectedness took 14 eld to develop and was opened by Rajiv Gandhi advanced in 1988. The townspeople lies on the island's southeastern take and old to be the side from which the ferryboat to Talaimannar ( Sri Lanka ) departed before traveller services were suspended much than a period ago. as a ending, there are now really few adventive visitors.

Rameswaram is famous for show of handicrafts. Nearer the temples you can encounter lots of shops that hump divergent items made from touch leaf, string and seashells. Khadicraft is the store where your hunt ends for work items in the city. Rameswaram cloth sarees are rattling favourite among the ladies.

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