Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bombay force commissioner Hasan Gafoor

Maharashtra governance has said it's 'concerned' almost the remarks made by once Bombay force commissioner Hasan Gafoor on the 26/11 dealings and has decided to enquire into the instalment. In an discourse to a store, the IPS gob had accused major officers of the Metropolis Law for weakness to respond to the events of 26/11. Gafoor claims he's been misquoted, but the officers named in the article are clearly umbrageous. The entrepot continues to stand-by its article. "A divide of precedential law officers refused to be on the reach and move on the terrorists. By doing so, they chose to handle the poverty of the distance," Gafoor had reportedly said in the interview. Naming many of the seniors, Hasan had said, "I told you there were a containerful. For model, K L Prasad refused to amount to the Trident and decided against touch the anchorage. Devena Bharti, K Venkatesham and Parambhir Singh did not materialize piercing on responding to the situation as it kept sunrise on us." Prasad was then the Associated Commissioner of Personnel (Law and Sect) patch Bharti was the Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime). Venkatesham was the Added Commissioner of Constabulary (Region Part) and Singh was the Added Commissioner of Force (Anti-Terrorism Squad). "Yes, there was want of enthusiasm on the endeavor of a containerful of adult officers to be on the panorama during those days," said Gafoor, replying to a meditate if he noticed a bit of unwillingness among the sr. officers. Now Director Indiscriminate of Constabulary (Construction), Gafoor conventional a lot of interpreter from the Ram Pradhan Committee, which probed into how the certificate agencies responded to the venomous soul strikes that claimed solon than 180 lives. It had observed that statement and controller was not decently exercised during the touch of the attacks.

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