Sunday, November 15, 2009

Madhu Koda's danger to "break names behindhand the agreement"

Dismissing late Jharkhand important reverend Madhu Koda's danger to "break names behindhand the agreement" to fact him in a money laundering happening, Congress on Sunday said it cannot be blackmailed by him. Congress interpreter Abhishek Singhvi said the company had serviceable that law would direct its bed in the Koda occurrence and he is beingness prosecuted by the Congress regimes, both at the Sweet and the state. "Legislature has nonentity to fell, but equally, we cannot be smudged and (our) honour abused," Singhvi said. "Jumping to hurried conclusions on the fundament of pre-conceived diary entries. What happened in the Jainist Hawala Covering is a righteousness precedent...the intact artefact was squashed and nothing came out of it," he told a telly water. Singhvi was reacting to queries on Koda's comments that he would get out with the traducement of persons in the Legislature receiver who were disagreeable to fix him in the money laundering containerful.

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