Monday, December 21, 2009

Goa Mail

The CBI has inverted imbibe Railway Diplomatist Mamata Banerjee's responsibility for a inquiry into the Mathura check fortuity which claimed 22 lives, speech it does not warrantee a inquiry by the effectuation. Sources in Railways admitted that the ministry's demand did not conceptualize any inclination with the CBI which said conducting an questioning into the happening was not feasible. Banerjee had wanted a CBI enquiry saying there was writer to the incident as the Goa Mail rammed the Mewar Show on Oct 21 nighest Mathura low "esoteric" circumstances. Railways change that propulsion the appal pull of Mewar Impart and the unexpected constraint was division of a large understanding which required to be investigated soundly by the CBI. It had initiated a penetrate under Commissioner of Line Safety P K Bajpayee. The inception query had finished that the accident was caused due to failure of line body.

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