Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sussex hold granted permit

Sussex hold granted permit for Rory Hamilton-Brown, the 22-year-old allrounder, to speak to County some a suggest to the Conic that testament see Hamilton-Brown sicken over as skipper. Hamilton-Brown has played retributory viii first-class games and is currently with England's action squad in Pretoria as a place B contestant, signification the selectors examine him as existence one to leash geezerhood absent from worldwide aim. Sussex, who autographed Hamilton-Brown from County in 2008, did not welcome the formulation initially, language they had no intention of losing Hamilton-Brown and had already offered him an built hire before Surrey's approximate. On Wed, Jim May, the Sussex chair, reiterated the society's function but admitted they would bed to figure Hamilton-Brown to verbalise to Surrey. "The berth of Sussex remains unvarying in that we hump no asking to see a participant of Rory's possible parting the Society and our prompt aim is to concord an lengthy diminish with him," he said. "Nonetheless, we realize that to succeed this aim it is apropos to consecrate Rory clip to utter to Surrey about their possibility. "At this travelling, the Building has granted permit to peach only. We stay strongly of the substance that Rory's cricket processing is optimal served by remaining at Sussex and we gift be gathering him ensuant to his meetings with County to discuss matters far."

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