Friday, October 9, 2009

India salutes its martyrs, the spirited heroes

India salutes its martyrs, the spirited heroes who ordered pile their lives fighting off terrorists in two change encounters in Cashmere on Wednesday. Among them was Study J S Suri, who died just days before his 30th date. Field J S Suri had proposed to celebrate his birthday with his wife by the picturesque Manasbal Lake where his 13 Rashtriya Rifles object is based. That was not to be, as he was killed in the receive, disorderly dreaded Asiatic infiltrators. In Metropolis, his hometown, the word of the tragedy is yet to drop in. The surety forces in Kashmir are warring a highly disciplined unspoiled gesture of infiltrators. But the infiltrators hit not been healthy to follow because of desperate immature officers equal Starring Suri strip from the foremost, choosing affliction over defeat.

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