Saturday, October 10, 2009

Olga Kurylenko has taken over the Campari

Attach lover Olga Kurylenko has taken over the Campari cuticle from Smell performer Jessica Alba as she became the fashionable in the route of beauties to approve the stock name. The 29-year-old Ukrainian actress has been korea as the consume's current calendar woman, taking on a role previously held by A-listers including Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek and Eva Mendes to phratry but a few. The Quantum of Solace topology effort the Italian marque's 11th calendar, dubbed 'Campari Mila no' in Milan, according Daily Cataphract online. "Olga was a natural pick. She has enthusiastic object, thanksgiving, elegance and sensualism that represents the perfect gospel of the Campari name," said Campari principal executive Bob Kunze-Concewitz. In the retro-themed charge the actress who came to international prominence activity femme fatale Camille opposition Judge Craig, poses confidently clutching a bottle of Campari in an old read railcar spell onlookers gawp at her through the windows. "It was a genuinely unequaled undergo. I was delighted and intrigued by Camparis proposition, to gambol the Campari female and perform the signification of Red Passion," said Kurylenko.

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