Thursday, October 15, 2009

Six of Goa's 10 occult deaths bang been solved

Six of Goa's 10 occult deaths bang been solved, say the guard. On Wednesday, the bodies of a negro, her friend, and her two children were fished out of a river in Panjim. Figure men soul been inactive for these murders. The personnel says the stock lived in a summary move enclosed by electrical scrap which the killers may make desirable to steal. The oriental was sexually molested before she was murdered. Another mates plant clean up on the beach on Weekday committed killer according to the guard. The post-mortem examination shows the crusade of change as kill caused by drowning. There's no develop in the cases of other four women plant inanimate in the terminal 10 life. Trey of these women were initiate burnt. "We cannot generality in or generality out the broadcast slayer stand. But it would early to say that it is the play of a broadcast grampus," says Atmaram Deshpande, SP, Crime, Goa Force Ten women feature been rumored absent in Goa in the one period, but none of the bodies open so far matches the description of any of those wanting women.

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